Course curriculum

    1. 1a. Who I Am

    2. 1b. What We'll Learn

    1. 2a. Unconscious Fantasy. What is it?

    2. 2b. Unconscious Fantasy. Where is it from?

    3. 2c. Unconscious Fantasy. Common examples

    4. 2d. Unconscious Fantasy. A specific example

    5. Dream bibliography

    1. 3a. Humans Understanding Dreams. History

    2. 3b. Humans Understanding Dreams. Freud

    3. 3c. Humans Understanding Dreams. Modern Day

    1. 4a. How Dreams Are Made

    2. 4b. Biology of Dreams 1

    3. 4c. Biology of Dreams 2

    1. 5a. Dreams Are Weird

    2. 5b. Symbols. What are they?

    3. 5c. Capturing Dreams

    4. 5d. Space and Creative Understanding

    1. 6a. Dream Example

    2. 6b. Day Residual. The Day Before, Revisited

    3. 6c. Condensation. Dreams are Chock Full of Meaning

    4. 6d. Displacement. Not what it Appears to Be

    5. 6e. Characters in Dreams. A Theatrical Play

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